How to cope with the feelings after failure

If you’re a perfectionist like me , you like setting high standards , but hate the fact that you fail to achieve it… Mostly because , we’ve invested so much time and effort in it , and seeing it falling apart makes the whole process feel “meaningless”. Why bother?

Here are some tips to cope with the feelings after failure .

Tip #1

I’ve got a friend  , who has an awesome minimalist mindset.

He usually aims for the skill level he thinks he is capable of , anything above that, he considers as “bonus”. So for example : he knows that he can achieve 30 out of 50 points on a test , then he aims for 30 points. If he gets more than 30,in that case he is happy about it.

It’s almost the same mindset that goes like this : “Aim for the moon , even if you miss , you’ll land on stars.” Just the other way around.

The basic message in both approach is that you should appreciate your progress. You must be better off than when you’ve started.

Tip #2 

Talk about your failure . You’ll notice two things for sure. One , everybody makes mistakes in their lives , even the ones who you consider as “perfect”. Two , your friends will still be your friends. Hopefully , they don’t love you because of your grades/achievements.  🙂 ( In case you wonder , YES , you do have people who cares about YOU !)

Tip #3

Chill, don’t work for a while. Put some music on , watch a good movie , go out .

You know , these are the things that you do outside of your “work”.


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