Showing off your skills

HAHA! The smart kid finally fails ! – that’s what others think when they see you stumbling.

Obviously not , everyone is so concerned about themselves…

Some of us have a fear that people will judge us by our performance . Does it really matter ?

These days , I’m worrying about getting good grades , so that others won’t perceive me as someone “stupid”. You’re familiar with the imposter syndrome , right ? You have to remain on the top (meaning you cannot make mistakes), otherwise you’re just a fraud.

A year ago , I was quite edgy. 😀 I took everything to the limit .. I was burnt out quite a lot of times.. I definitely don’t recommend that lifestyle .

However , I had a mindset of never giving up , pushing the borderline of my so called potential..( I matured a little bit since.)

Basically , when I hit rock bottom (like a bad grade) , I knew that it  wasn’t the end of the world . I knew that it didn’t define me as a person,  because I got so much more to learn .

So be humble , folks .  😀






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