Is the good guy forever alone ?

A talented/succesful guy asked me this question recently : Are you the typical good guy , who goes home right after the (college) lectures ?

A bit confused , I didn’t see the point of denying it , so I said : …um yeah.

One of my friend , who’s been applying for Stanford (meaning he’s busy) , was told that he doesn’t have a social life . If you knew him a little bit closer , you’d be amazed how extraordinary experiences he had . He is definitely not a couch potato..

His younger brother has the sickest stories that I’ve ever heard  , yet he doesn’t talk  too much at the dinner table.

Two of my old high school classmates never really talked, then suddenly when they started drinking they became extroverts … Even when they were not drunk.

Last story , because you might be bored of these anecdotes  😉 . The last memory of my childhood crush talking was exactly the beginning of our early childhood… I’ve always remembered her as a “shy/silent” girl.  So what is she up to these days ? She has a boyfriend and they behave in a quite extroverted way. (Sadly , that boyfriend is not me . :D)

No offense , but aren’t we all “good guys/ good girls” in formal settings ?

If you believe that you will be forever alone , you will be forever alone . Maybe things can change , so don’t fear it. If all else fails , you can choose to have a drink . 🙂

PS. : I should invest more in my college relationships like introducing myself to other introverts . What are your New Year plans  ? 😀






One thought on “Is the good guy forever alone ?

  1. Haha. This made me laugh, I hope that’s okay!
    I get you. Old friendships and college dynamics can be somewhat confusing. You just need to find your crowd.
    And yes. I think that’s a fantastic idea. Put yourself out there! 🙂
    – Hannah


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