Just hold on

Two years ago , I was obsessed with success.

You know , these days we’re surrounded by a lot of information on how to achieve it. If we combine that with enough time , plus a hard working attitude , then it doesn’t seem impossible to accomplish your ambitious goals . So , only a fool would miss a chance like this , right?

I always felt the pressure to keep on working , otherwise I wouldn’t make it . I was not good enough , I was worthless without success… (It happened in high school , I was trying to attain mastery in a school subject , namely Maths. )

Imagine someone like who I was , returning back to the “normal” life (life after high school drama) . Seeing all these people, just fooling around without a serious goal.

It was like a Disney hero (not Mickey Mouse and his friends) , entering to real life. He got used to doing extraordinary things , that he couldn’t handle family dinners without finishing his work first.

Do it better and better and better ! Keep looking for meaning , someone you can love etc.

Let’s see , how long can you do this seeking .

Anyways, I gotta watch the Lego Batman movie with my friends .









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