No idea

I don’t like the fact that some people create deadlines for themselves to achieve some personal goals.  For example : Learn a language in two months , quit video games for 90 days.

 It is like counting back the minutes left from the “working” hours . You just wait for the end , so that afterwards you can do something else.

Some people treat life as a list of projects. You need to get this done by at the age of 17. At the age of 18 , you need to do this . And the list never actually ends…

I’m currently in college , I have no idea what I’m gonna do in the future. But you can see guys here , who are pretty much on the “road of success”. ( I don’t have any issue with them , though. )

I just don’t see the point of creating a deadline , if you’re going to “do it” later anyways. It’s like learning English , but after you have your language certificate , you completely ignore the language. You can replace “learning English” with “family” or “job”etc.

Most of the things that you “do” , you do it for a lifetime . Sure , it’s motivating to have a short deadline , but life isn’t like that. You don’t need motivation , you just do it.

Basically, enjoy being the weirdo who doesn’t “have it all” . Oh wait , really ? 😉





Is the good guy forever alone ?

A talented/succesful guy asked me this question recently : Are you the typical good guy , who goes home right after the (college) lectures ?

A bit confused , I didn’t see the point of denying it , so I said : …um yeah.

One of my friend , who’s been applying for Stanford (meaning he’s busy) , was told that he doesn’t have a social life . If you knew him a little bit closer , you’d be amazed how extraordinary experiences he had . He is definitely not a couch potato..

His younger brother has the sickest stories that I’ve ever heard  , yet he doesn’t talk  too much at the dinner table.

Two of my old high school classmates never really talked, then suddenly when they started drinking they became extroverts … Even when they were not drunk.

Last story , because you might be bored of these anecdotes  😉 . The last memory of my childhood crush talking was exactly the beginning of our early childhood… I’ve always remembered her as a “shy/silent” girl.  So what is she up to these days ? She has a boyfriend and they behave in a quite extroverted way. (Sadly , that boyfriend is not me . :D)

No offense , but aren’t we all “good guys/ good girls” in formal settings ?

If you believe that you will be forever alone , you will be forever alone . Maybe things can change , so don’t fear it. If all else fails , you can choose to have a drink . 🙂

PS. : I should invest more in my college relationships like introducing myself to other introverts . What are your New Year plans  ? 😀





Relationship with yourself

If you have somebody that you love , but they already have someone , then guess what ? You should give up on her/him.

It’s no use for you anymore to try to chase an illusion.

You don’t know them anymore , they’ve changed. Maybe in a bad way…

It’s kind of like a vicious circle . Let’s say you’re a guy who likes a girl , but that girl just loves another guy. They begin to form a relationship and you get to the perimeter.

You start to treat yourself as a failure , the couple begin to focus too much on their  relationship . This means they forget that they have a seperate life , and they stop working that hard or doing anything else that is important… (‘sigh’ true story)

So my suggestion is to get busy . Get so busy that you don’t really care about them.

Also , disconnect from them , for real.  You don’t want to hurt yourself more . ( ~ You don’t give drugs to a drug addict. )

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s for your own sake .


Hitting the wall

In my previous post I talked about “trying to impress others”.

Today, I would like to continue my rant on this issue .

Most of the time you should keep your mouth shut and play or “do your job” ,but there are times when you can’t be silent.

Suppressing your feelings will only strengthen them..

In those situations, you have to speak up. Because that’s the right thing to do.You can’t be apathetic like most people.

Anyways,  there will be people who will appreciate your work, but their will be people who will completely ignore your effort. Welcome to the cold reality.

Probably not everyone likes mindfulness, video games etc. They even criticise those who do. But that’s okay.

Everyone is different. So are you. Don’t be ashamed of having a personality.