Just hold on

Two years ago , I was obsessed with success.

You know , these days we’re surrounded by a lot of information on how to achieve it. If we combine that with enough time , plus a hard working attitude , then it doesn’t seem impossible to accomplish your ambitious goals . So , only a fool would miss a chance like this , right?

I always felt the pressure to keep on working , otherwise I wouldn’t make it . I was not good enough , I was worthless without success… (It happened in high school , I was trying to attain mastery in a school subject , namely Maths. )

Imagine someone like who I was , returning back to the “normal” life (life after high school drama) . Seeing all these people, just fooling around without a serious goal.

It was like a Disney hero (not Mickey Mouse and his friends) , entering to real life. He got used to doing extraordinary things , that he couldn’t handle family dinners without finishing his work first.

Do it better and better and better ! Keep looking for meaning , someone you can love etc.

Let’s see , how long can you do this seeking .

Anyways, I gotta watch the Lego Batman movie with my friends .









Opposing goals

I’ve read a funny story recently , it may make you cringe…

A mother asked a question on a forum. Her daughter used to be a straight -A student who spent most her days at home . After high school however , she changed drastically .

She started going out with her friends , playing tennis and visiting theatres …

The original question was : What’s wrong with my daughter ? 

… When her daughter finally had a chance to live a “normal” life , instead of being happy about it , the mother started worrying…

For some reason , we’re told that we can only choose one thing. Be a specialist rather than a jack of all trades , master of none..

There are several disadvantages of this “focus on one thing” mindset . The most obvious one is that you will become boring as hell , if you just focus on one thing and neglect the other paths.

It’s not just about being boring , it’s about being bored as well.. Doing the same thing again and again leads to burn out .

Yeah , focusing can accelerate your process to ” success” , but we all know that it’s more about the journey.. Is “success” why you live ?

If you have some spare time , discover alternatives… More alternatives , the better .

I’ve had friends who did a bunch of different things , they never succeeded academically . But they played video games , did martial arts , chess , football , the piano , did magic tricks much better than me .(At this point , I’m talking about 2 people.) Not to mention , they were more outgoing.

You can’t really earn money with these activities , but you choose .







When to get serious ?

When I’m trying to be funny , people don’t take me seriously.

When I’m trying to be serious , people laugh at me.

I guess you have to find the right balance…

Anyways , today I have only one short message for you , you might have heard of it thousand times …

If you quit your thinking addiction , it can save your life !

(I’m such a great marketer I know. But I have to go now . 🙂 )



Social anxiety and work 

The feeling when you’re in the middle of an oral exam and you have to talk about a topic that you’ve never heard of …

What do you do in these situations ?

You improvise , bluff , with a very convincing face that you know what you’re doing. Some people even smile during these awkward situations.

Again , you improvise , you have no script in your head , you just let your imagination flow while you speak .

It’s the same scenario when you talk to a stranger . You have nothing to lose . You won’t meet them afterwards anyways , so you can have fun talking to them.

Indeed , I feel less stressed when I talk to strangers than when I have to have a conversation with my classmates for example. (Any introverts out there?)

We all have moments , when we want to somehow impress others , or at least appear to be less stupid…  I’m not talking about job interviews , exams , but when you have a hard time approaching your crush . Or vice versa, you don’t want to talk to them , because you think that  you’re not as flawless as they had imagined you …

I know , one option is to not give a sh’t. Be apathetic . This approach will only make you more isolated.

Other option is to just go with it .  Dance with your friends , even if you “can’t” dance.

Don’t try to impress him or her , just make sure everyone’s having fun (don’t make a detailed plan , though..) .  Otherwise , you’ll end up either spectating and complaining, or you’ll end up missing the big picture because of a small thing.

Same applies to work and studies. Once you begin to grade it , measure it to see how good you are (so you can brag to other people) , you lose fun. I’m not joking , this is a psychological phenomenon.

Do it , because you love doing it. You don’t need more reasons.