When to get serious ?

When I’m trying to be funny , people don’t take me seriously.

When I’m trying to be serious , people laugh at me.

I guess you have to find the right balance…

Anyways , today I have only one short message for you , you might have heard of it thousand times …

If you quit your thinking addiction , it can save your life !

(I’m such a great marketer I know. But I have to go now . 🙂 )




Relationship with yourself

If you have somebody that you love , but they already have someone , then guess what ? You should give up on her/him.

It’s no use for you anymore to try to chase an illusion.

You don’t know them anymore , they’ve changed. Maybe in a bad way…

It’s kind of like a vicious circle . Let’s say you’re a guy who likes a girl , but that girl just loves another guy. They begin to form a relationship and you get to the perimeter.

You start to treat yourself as a failure , the couple begin to focus too much on their  relationship . This means they forget that they have a seperate life , and they stop working that hard or doing anything else that is important… (‘sigh’ true story)

So my suggestion is to get busy . Get so busy that you don’t really care about them.

Also , disconnect from them , for real.  You don’t want to hurt yourself more . ( ~ You don’t give drugs to a drug addict. )

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s for your own sake .


Hitting the wall

In my previous post I talked about “trying to impress others”.

Today, I would like to continue my rant on this issue .

Most of the time you should keep your mouth shut and play or “do your job” ,but there are times when you can’t be silent.

Suppressing your feelings will only strengthen them..

In those situations, you have to speak up. Because that’s the right thing to do.You can’t be apathetic like most people.

Anyways,  there will be people who will appreciate your work, but their will be people who will completely ignore your effort. Welcome to the cold reality.

Probably not everyone likes mindfulness, video games etc. They even criticise those who do. But that’s okay.

Everyone is different. So are you. Don’t be ashamed of having a personality. 

Social anxiety and work 

The feeling when you’re in the middle of an oral exam and you have to talk about a topic that you’ve never heard of …

What do you do in these situations ?

You improvise , bluff , with a very convincing face that you know what you’re doing. Some people even smile during these awkward situations.

Again , you improvise , you have no script in your head , you just let your imagination flow while you speak .

It’s the same scenario when you talk to a stranger . You have nothing to lose . You won’t meet them afterwards anyways , so you can have fun talking to them.

Indeed , I feel less stressed when I talk to strangers than when I have to have a conversation with my classmates for example. (Any introverts out there?)

We all have moments , when we want to somehow impress others , or at least appear to be less stupid…  I’m not talking about job interviews , exams , but when you have a hard time approaching your crush . Or vice versa, you don’t want to talk to them , because you think that  you’re not as flawless as they had imagined you …

I know , one option is to not give a sh’t. Be apathetic . This approach will only make you more isolated.

Other option is to just go with it .  Dance with your friends , even if you “can’t” dance.

Don’t try to impress him or her , just make sure everyone’s having fun (don’t make a detailed plan , though..) .  Otherwise , you’ll end up either spectating and complaining, or you’ll end up missing the big picture because of a small thing.

Same applies to work and studies. Once you begin to grade it , measure it to see how good you are (so you can brag to other people) , you lose fun. I’m not joking , this is a psychological phenomenon.

Do it , because you love doing it. You don’t need more reasons.









A way to earn money as a teenager

Money has always bothered me . I’ve always wanted to help my parents out , I just didn’t know how .

They always told me : ” Don’t worry about money . Just focus on your studies . We have enough cash for your future.”

Well, I’m a freshman in college now … and I have way too much free time to just “study”. (Yes, I’m Asian.)

To make things worse , my parents’ business is not going so well these days.

But my wise father gave me recently an idea . He said : “If you have so much free time , then help me out with the housework. So I’ll have more time to take care of money .”

Basically, oftentimes we want to help in a way we can’t , and neglect the way we can.

Do your job. So others can do theirs.